We have years of experience and expertise in helping plan, understand and forecast all projects, working in partnership with contracted companies of all sizes and sectors, and pride ourselves on being able to asses and identify the needs of each individual job. Our robust management systems are designed to minimise risk to our staff, your staff, members of the public and the environment. We take our health and safety responsibilities very seriously.

Whether you require us for a major sized project, or just a one-off cleaning service we have the knowledge & experience in dealing with them all.

Your requirements / Our Commitment!

It is important to us that your expectations of our services are fully met to the highest standard. We know that every customer is different and we take pride in providing a totally bespoke package to suit you. To succeed in achieving this it is essential that a detailed schedule of work is set out which clearly identifies your exact needs. Working this way allows us to ensure that your requirements are always met and you are assured at all times of what services you can expect from us.

At the time of completing the Schedule of Work a risk assessment will be carried out to identify all areas which need special consideration and to ensure all cleaning work is completed in compliance with current legislation

Our priorities are always: -

  • To ensure all cleaning work is carried out in compliance with current legislation and adhere to all recommendations set out in our risk assessment.
  • to ensure all cleaning is completed to our high standards and meets fully with your requirements.
  • all our employees are trained and suitably qualified to carry out the work undertaken.
  • It is essential to all cleaning contracts whether one-off cleans or long-term contracts a Schedule of Work is completed setting out your cleaning needs. This work schedule is carried out at our initial visit and will offer you a fully itemised list of your cleaning requirements.

The work schedule will include; -

General cleaning requirements - to maintain a clean, hygienic environment reducing the risk of injury to staff, contamination / pest infestation of equipment & products.

Specialist cleaning requirements - conveyor cleaning and all other areas where sterilised environments need to be maintained.

  • Risk Assessment - At the time of completion of the schedule of works a complete risk assessment is carried out highlighting all potential hazards and specifying appropriate actions to prevent bodily harm to persons
  • Bespoke Contracts to suit you - to ensure the cleaning is carried out at a time when it will cause the least disruption to work.

Our principal areas of business activity are:

  • Daily Office Cleaning
  • Light & Heavy Industrial Cleaning
  • Warehouse cleaning
  • High Level, Structural & Enclosed Space Work
  • Residential cleaning
  • Builders / sparkle cleans